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6 Ways to Tackle Hormonal Acne

What is Hormonal Acne?

When your skin develops acne in response to the hormonal fluctuations, it is called hormonal acne.

What Causes Hormonal Acne?

Hormones known as androgens, for example, testosterone, increase sebum production, sometimes thickening the skin. These can contribute to pore-blocking and can trigger breakouts too. 

Acne during Periods?

Hormones again! About two-thirds of acne-prone women typically note worsening of their acne a few days before their period. This is because female hormones are at their lowest, and male hormones (androgens) are higher at these points.

Impact of Hormonal Acne on Your Skin

  1. Overall Skin Inflammation (incl. Acne)
  2. Increase in Oil/ Sebum Levels
  3. Clogged Skin 
  4. Bacterial Infections (eg: Propionibacterium acnes)
  5. Acne Scars and Pigmentation

How to Tackle Hormonal Acne?

Typical acne products may not work on hormonal acne because the root cause is much deeper inside the body. Here are a few ways to ease your hormonal acne:

  1. Skin Inflammation: Choose nutrition that contains soothing herbs that are anti-inflammatory in nature. Marigold, Rose, and Licorice are some of our favorites in skincare. Ginger, cinnamon and turmeric work wonders to your gut. 
  2. Oil Balance: Do not use harsh cleansers that strip off the oil from your skin. Your skin may then go on an overdrive and produce even more oil. Instead use gentle, anti-septic cleansers that are paraben-free and sulfate-free. 
  3. Detoxify Your Skin: Botanicals such as Svetajiraka, Annava, and Tulsi (which we used in Active Botanical Face Wash) deeply cleanse and detoxify your skin, removing dirt and grime from the pores. Gentle cleansing helps remove the clogged pores. 
  4. Bacterial Infection: By having a balanced and nutritious diet that is rich in antioxidants and skin healing nutrients, your skin will be able to have its immune system intact. Further, by using skincare that contains anti-microbial herbs such as rosemary and neem ensure that they combat microbial infections
  5. Hydrate & Protect: Unknowingly, we tend to over dry acne-prone skin by excess cleansing and by using drying moisturisers. What you need are gentle, antimicrobial and nourishing moisturisers that protect the skin barrier function. 
  6. Face Oils! Face oils that are formulated keeping acne in mind are a great addition. Yes using oils on acne-prone skin can be counter-intuitive, but it works! Oils and lipids have the best chance of absorbing into your skin, as their structure is similar to skin’s sebum (water doesn’t mix in oil, you see!).

Recommended Regime

  1. Active Botanical Face Wash (specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, this pH balanced formulation is hydrating, soothing and contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory herbs)
  2. Rejuvenating Serum (lightweight face oil formulation with oil balancing actives formulated keeping in mind acne-prone skin)
  3. Wild Himalayan Body Oils (Pre and Post shower body oils that are antimicrobial. Particularly great for monsoons)
  4. Wild Glow Masking Kit  (This contains Java Plum Mask that’s oil balancing a super effective for acne-prone skin, rose toner that’s soothing and healing and orange and Brahmi masks that are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants)

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