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Acacia Catechu or Terra Japonica in Skincare: A Natural Astringent

Terra Japonica or Acacia Catechu (Khadira in Sanskrit) is cultivated in the western ranges of the Himalayas. Its leaves and wood are valued in Ayurveda and natural cosmetology for their nourishing and astringent qualities. 

What is Acacia Catechu oil?

Known locally as the Khair, Khadir, or Kanti, the Acacia Catechu is a medium-sized deciduous tree found largely in India and Myanmar. With almost every part of the tree being useful in some format or the other, the tree is especially beneficial for the health and is known as a remedy for numerous ailments.

Acacia catechu oil, extracted from the wood of the tree itself, is slowly growing in popularity due to its wonderful effects on our body.

Skincare benefits:

Acacia catechu is one of the best all-natural, enriching ingredients for skincare, even used in our own Antioxidant Lip Balm because of its inherent nourishing properties.

  • Acts as a disinfectant: Known for its antioxidant properties, Acacia Catechu oil is known to act as a natural disinfectant, hence cleansing the skin.
  • Treats boils: Application of this oil onto acne spots and boils helps drastically reduce their appearance.
  • Reduces itching: Containing anti-inflammation and anti-irritation properties, Acacia catechu oil can be used to reduce itches on the skin.
  • Treats skin diseases: Acacia catechu oil is well-known for its abilities to treat skin diseases like vitiligo, and even certain skin cancers.
  • Heals wounds: This oil has incredible wound-healing properties and helps in regeneration of skin cells.
  • Stops bleeding: Acacia catechu oil is also used to stop bleeding from wounds and cuts on the skin.

Properties of Acacia Catechu oil: Acacia Catechu, by nature, shows strong antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties by nature. It is also an effective cleanser and purifier, with hypoglycaemic and homeostatic properties. It contains Catechin, catechutannic acid, Epicatechin, Tetramer, Dicatechin, Gallocatechin, Kaempferol, and Taxifolin.

Healthcare Benefits:

The Khadir is an extremely useful ingredient in more ways than one, with it being used as a herbal remedy for various ailments. Most popularly used as a treatment against dental issues, Acacia Catechu is also useful in curing mouth ulcers, and gum disease. The twigs of this tree are commonly used by locals as a makeshift toothbrush for its natural cleansing properties. Anti-microbial in nature, it can even be used as a mouthwash against bad breath.

It is used in combination with other medicinal herbs to treat various lung and respiratory diseases. It allows for the clearing of the respiratory tract by eliminating mucous and phlegm accumulated in it. The Acacia Catechu is also very useful in the treatment of digestive diseases by regulating bowel movements and controlling the acid content in the stomach.

With beneficial hypoglycemic properties, Acacia Catechu oil is used to naturally control blood sugar levels. It is commonly employed to reduce the effects caused by bleeding disorders like menorrhagia and is even used as a blood purifier as it helps maintain optimum hemoglobin levels in our body.

It is also a wonderful source of fiber, with a study proving that consumption of Acacia Catechu gum, which contains water-soluble dietary fibers, helps keep body cholesterol under control. Known as a detoxing agent, it also greatly boosts the immunity system of the body and can even be used to treat diseases as common as a cold and cough!

Acacia Catechu in Ayurveda:

A famous herb, the Acacia Catechu is a famous skin tonic used in Ayurvedic practices since more than a century ago. It possesses essential Ayurvedic properties such as Laghu (easy to digest), Veerya (potency), Sheeta (coolness) and Kashaya (astringent). It is commonly used to cure mouth, stomach, and skin diseases, and balances the Kapha and Pitta doshas in the body.

It’s obvious, now, why Acacia Catechu oil is so popular in the country. With wonderful properties that cleanse and nourish our bodies, we’d recommend buying our Antioxidant Lip Balm, containing Acacia Catechu oil, to get yourself an all-natural product to rid you of all your woes!