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Akarakar or Anacyclus Pyrethrum for Skincare in Ayurveda

Rejuvenate your skin with pyrethrum root extract

Anacyclus pyrethrum commonly known as Mount Atlas Daisy or Spanish Chamomile. In Ayurveda it is known as Akarakara or Akarakarabha, and has been used since ancient times in treatments. It belongs to the same family, Asteraceae, as Acmella Oleracea which is touted as the natural botox due to its muscle relaxing properties. Interestingly, akarakara which can be called as the country cousin of Acmella, also exhibits similar muscle relaxing properties. This herb is known to have blessed humankind with its unique versatile properties all over the globe. The Magians (high priest of the Zoroastrian religion) used this herb under the name ‘parthenium’ against intermittent fevers. It is also commonly referred to as ‘Akarkara’. It is widely recognized in our ayurvedic system of Indian medicine, it has been used for centuries against various disorders.

This herb has many great benefits for sexual health, skincare, oral health etc. it is loaded with overall health benefits.

What is Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract?

Anacyclus pyrethrum is a perennial herb found in North Africa, Mediterranean region, Himalayas, North India and in the Arabian countries. This herb looks similar to Chamomile and Acmella Oleracea but the benefits are much wider. It produces single daisy-like white flowers and has ferny foliage.

Anacyclus pyrethrum skin benefits-

Our skin is damaged every day because of pollution, harmful sunrays etc. Anacyclus pyrethrum helps in removing dead cells and dirt. It rejuvenates the skin giving younger, glowing look. Let us have a look at some benefits-


  • Rejuvenate your skin – Anacyclus pyrethrum is a known herb for skin rejuvenation. It helps in removing the dead skin cells and dirt thus giving you fresh, rejuvenated and healthy glowing skin.
  • Anti-microbial – The anti-microbial properties of this herb helps you to get rid of acne and pimples, giving you clear and beautiful skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory – The anti-inflammatory property of the herb helps in soothing skin from rashes, boils etc.  
  • Detoxification – It helps in removal of extra fluids and toxins from the body thus purifying the blood. Detoxification plays an important role in achieving clear and glowing skin.
  • Antioxidant Activity - Possesses free radical scavenging activity
  • Possesses significant antibacterial and antifungal activity.


Health benefits

There are a number of health benefits of this medicinal herb. Few of them are listed below-


  • Akarakarabha is used for Poor memory, Bacterial infections, Depression, Diabetes, Fungal infection, Oxidative stress, Convulsions, Anxiety, Weak memory and other conditions.
  • Aphrodisiac – This herb is well known for aphrodisiac properties. Since centuries this herb was used to increase libido and sexual stimulation.
  • Menstrual disorders – The herb is known to maintain the reproductive health. It helps in normalizing the menstrual flow.
  • Treats mouth & throat problems – Anacyclus is known to relieve oral disorders and throat infections such as pharyngitis, teeth and gum problems like pyorrhea etc.
  • Memory booster - The herb has shown to be effective in the acquisition of memory. It is found to enhance social memory.
  • Epilepsy management – The herb is useful in management of epilepsy. Studies have shown that the herb has antilepstic properties that help epileptic patients making their life better.



Anacyclus also known as ‘akarkara’ in Ayurveda. It is a well-known herb since centuries. Its properties are researched and exploited to treat many diseases and disorders. Akarkara was primarily used to increase sexual stimulation. It is a well-known fertility herb. Its medicinal wonders also found a way to treat many brain-related problems such as epilepsy, paralysis etc. It is an excellent body detoxifier. This mystical herb is also a boon to many skin problems.

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