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Daughters of Earth ft. Celebrity Makeup Artist Zarina Nissar


She’s 75. She reigned as the queen of makeovers, and has transformed the looks of several legendary stars and supermodels. From Hema Malini to Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and more. Her name is Zarina Nissar and very few people know this, but when Daughter Earth was just starting, she was one of the first people who used our award-winning classic - the Rejuvenating Serum, and told us that we got ourselves a hero! It meant a lot to us, coming from a veteran makeover artist who believed in our line. There are a few people who leave an indelible impression on you, and Zarine was that for us. She is an exuberant, happy and a kind soul and if we were to describe her in one word, that would be vivacious!

We had the pleasure of chatting with her about her passion for makeup, her love for skincare and all things beauty.

You have had an incredible journey. What inspired you to get into makeup?

In 1965, when I was still in school, I was always fascinated by one Nepalese classmate who would come to school with winged eyeliners. I just got drawn towards that. I loved experimenting with my looks- playing up the eyes or adding a little blush. My friends and family started complimenting my work. One thing led to another and I realized my inclination towards makeup. I was so sure that I didn’t attend any college and went straight for training under a London-based-beauty artist. And then I got married in 1969, my priorities did change but my passion for makeup stayed.

If you could name one person who you really enjoyed working with ?

I wouldn’t say one particular person, because they are all friendly and wonderful people. I happened to work with Waheeda Rahman and Tanuja, for her TV serial shoot, all beautiful people, you know. And then I worked for a  Kannada film, with Keerthi Reddy and Vasundhara Das.  I did make up for Lara Dutta and Deepika Padukone during their modelling days. They all had been very cheerful about my work and wanted me to be part of their other films too.

If you could give one advice to women in terms of their skincare?

Look after your skin. And at each stage, follow the most important and the basic regime of cleansing-toning-moisturising. When it comes to cleansing - all the grime and dirt, every bit of a makeup should be removed and cleaned before retiring at night. Cleanse your face in the day as well as in the night. Every trace of makeup should be removed, including your mascara. You cannot be lazy at this part because that’s how all the (skin) problem begins.

Toning helps you tighten your pores. It tightens your skin after cleansing. It also helps to retain your moisture balance, as there are some harsh cleansers and toning comes to replete your skin’s moisture followed by your moisturiser. I use a toner whenever I remove my makeup as it leaves your skin feeling very clean. But always make sure to not use strong chemical based products.

As you grow older, your attention mostly shifts to moisturising your skin well. Now I am so happy using your Rejuvenating Serum. The minute you apply it, your skin is so smooth and you feel the coolness. And after using the Daughter Earth moisturising cream, my skin feels so hydrated. It is very important to take extra care of your skin when you’re in your fifties. Also, exercising and eating right are important factors that contribute to your general overall look and your wellbeing.

What’s your view on face oils?

I love them! Especially the Rejuvenating Serum. I am very happy with it. It feels so hydrated, absorbs so quickly and even till the next day, your skin is so smooth and healthy. They are 100% concentrated, pure and natural.

A lot of women in their mid twenties and thirties face pigmentation. What suggestion would you give to those women ?

I would recommend them to use a moisturiser with SPF. And sometimes it’s genetic and hormonal and you can’t lighten them, then I would always say, go to a dermatologist, as they are specialists about skincare, and pigmentation needs special care in terms of medication.

We know you really enjoy yoga, tell us how do you work upon your fitness?

Yeah, Yoga and exercise are another fashion of mine. I have been doing Yoga since a teenager and will continue to do it till I can. I go for Yoga three days a week, and another 3 to 4 days I go for walking. I am an avid walker. I love walking. That's why I enjoy going to New York, as it’s all about walking there.

Any Make-up tips for the contemporary women who don’t have much time at her hand but would like to look her best?

Umm, basically a good moisturiser, do your eyes, lips and blush and you are good to go. It just takes a few minutes to get done with it.

What do you think is the trend for this year, because for every year there is one new trend like bold red colour or some eye makeup etc?

Eyes. The first emphasis should always be on the eyes and then your lips. Minimalist makeup is really in the trend now. And then bright shadows if you can carry it out. One thing which I personally don’t like is too many gaudy colors. Maybe it’s in the trend but you cannot carry it off every time. I believe everyone has their own inherent beauty and facial features and by accentuating them a little can make them stand out. I know bright moisture free lipsticks are quite in but I am not one for all these. Also, I don’t like long-lasting  lipsticks as they contain dye  that’s not good for the skin so I don’t prefer it.

What makeup faux pas most women do and should avoid it ASAP?

The wrong colour of foundation and how they conceal their dark circles. It is because you cannot camouflage your dark circles with the same shade of foundation you apply to your face. Dark circles or acne need layers of concealers, foundation and blending to be camouflaged with.

Also, instead of going with the ongoing trend, always choose to do your eyes as per what suits you.

3 things a woman should carry in her makeup kit

Kajal (Kohl) is a must have, lipstick, powder puff if you have an oily skin

Advice for women who are always on the go-traveling.

I would just advise them to do their basic cleansing-toning-moisturising, and not overdo their makeup. Keep it light and simple.