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Why is it important to cleanse and detox your environment?

Detox your environment

This post is part of The Detox Series. 

The more we are heading into an urban world, the more we realize why it is of utmost importance to have an organic lifestyle. Toxicity is all around us, both natural and synthetic (man-made). And sadly, it is taking an immense toll on our overall health. The atmosphere is filled with heavy metals which are generally toxic in nature. This contamination has led to many health issues among all age-groups, even the newborns aren't exempted from the toxicity of heavy metals as shown in research performed in the US by Greenpeace, the non-governmental environmental organization. They studied blood samples from the umbilical cord of newborns and astonishingly found that an average of 287 toxins, including mercury had been transferred from their mothers. Even though our body is naturally mechanized to detox, yet there is a limit up to which our body can purify itself. Owing to the alarming concentration of heavy metals in our surrounding, the incapability of our body to detox these heavy metals have to be supplemented with additional organic products.

The first thought that must be going through your mind is what these heavy metals are, where they are found and how to avoid them? Let us answer these questions one by one.

We are in constant contact with harmful organisms and heavy metals, from the air we breathe, the water we drink to the food we eat. Pollution in the air is no secret and when it comes to India, the pollution has already passed all the thresholds in major cities like Delhi, Kanpur and Mumbai, the major intoxicants beings heavy metals like mercury, lead, antimony and arsenic released from vehicles and industries. Even something as essential as drinking water often contains toxic substances like aluminium and pesticides.

The mess which we have created has affected us the most and you can notice the effects it has on our body. The skin is the most exposed part of our body has to bear the major consequences of the toxicity of heavy metals including

  • Mercury which gets stored in the kidney, liver, blood, and fatty tissues of the body, causing damage to the central nervous system.
  • Lead stored in the fat cells releases free radicals into the body.
  • Arsenic accumulated from the chemical processing industries, pesticides, cigarette smoke causes cancers of skin, liver and lungs.
  • Aluminium present in city water, cosmetics, foil and vaccines cause bone density loss, Parkinson’s.
  • At this point, you must have gotten an idea of how severe the issues are.

    Now, what are the solutions?

    The toxic load is getting greater all the time- self-inflicted and unavoidable. So now, the detox plans consist of conscious eating, living and behaving.

    • Go natural: Try eating organic fruits and vegetables like mushrooms that can replenish your skin and body with essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating processed foods and GMO (Genetically modified organisms) products.
    • Green your surroundings:  Keeping plants such as mint, lavender and eucalyptus near your house and workplace help filter the air and remove toxins. They are nature’s air fresheners.
    • Cleanse your surroundings: Ancient systems of healing and holistic health have indicated several ways in which we can purify our surroundings. While some focus on cleansing the aura of the space around us, some focused on physical cleansing. Burning sage was one such way in which Native Americans and ancient Mediterranean people used to cleanse the space. It is very similar to 'dhoopam' that traditional Indian households still follow. Frankincense is one such herb that we use to detox our surroundings. 
    • Purify the water: Drinking water supplies at home are often contaminated with a variety of impurities including heavy metals. Using a good water purifying system would be a smart investment to resolve this issue. Storing drinking water in copper vessels is all rage these days. In one recent study, which was published in the Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, scientists studied the effect of storing water in a copper pot on microbially-contaminated drinking water, including harmful bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella.
    • Detox your body –Cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out involves following a healthy workout regime, eating food rich in nutrients and drinking plenty of water. Meditation and Yoga have proven to be effective Mind-Body detox. Panchakarma is the ultimate detoxification of body and mind, offered by Ayurveda medicine. It is a five-process-therapy for purifying body’s five main organs of elimination – the bowels, urinary tract, skin, lungs and mind. Vamana- induced emesis using Ayurveda medicine, Virechana- an induced cleansing, Nasya- a process of detoxifying respiratory tract using Ayurveda drugs, Basti- cleanse out toxins from the lower colon, Swedana – herbal steam bath. Panchakarma is beneficial in restoring metabolic fire, reduces stress, and improves the immune system, endurance and vitality.
    • Detox your skin: Use skincare products and oil massages to exfoliate the toxins from your skin and refresh circulation. Abhyanga is a traditional ayurvedic way of detoxing your skin and body. Replenishing your skin with antioxidant-rich and nutritious serums is a good place to start.  You may be using various skin care products in one form or the other to detoxify your skin. The aim of these cosmetics is to reduce dark spots and make your skin glow but at what cost? Usually, skin-whitening beauty products contain chemicals which can damage your skin in the long run.

    The solution that we found out to this is by reverting back to nature and ancient remedies. At Daughter Earth, we create ethical and sustainable healthcare products by blending ancient Ayurveda and modern green biochemistry. Our products are 100% vegan and aimed at removing the heavy metals absorbed in your skin in the most natural way without harming your skin cells. These organic skin care products from our exclusive collection are heavy metal tested which will detoxify and nourish your skin to the core.