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Detox your life : Guide to a conscious lifestyle

DETOX YOUR LIFE: A Guide to Conscious Lifestyle

Humans are creatures of habit. Paying attention to your everyday habits and what your environment is surrounded by will play a significant role in creating a restful body and mind.  Regular detoxing your body by following a complete regime of food, skincare and lifestyle habits lead to radiant, lifelong health and youthfulness.
  1. Go natural: Processed foods and GMO (Genetically modified organisms) products filled with preservatives and fillers are marinated in toxic substances and they are preventing your body from reducing stress and sleeping better. Try eating organic fruits and vegetables like mushrooms that can replenish your skin and body with essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Green your surroundings: Keeping plants near your house and workplace help filter the air and remove toxins. They are nature’s air fresheners.
  3. Detox your skin: Many of your skin care products and cosmetics have Silicone and Mineral oil (heavy moisturizing agent) that damage your skin in the long run. We recommend you to cater your skincare regime with products that are ethical and sustainable in nature. Organic skincare products and oil massages help to exfoliate the toxins from your skin and refresh circulation.
  4. Detox your sleep: The fabric of our mattresses and bedding can contain chemicals, some of which are toxic in nature - that cause negative health issues, hinder the task of rejuvenation and your body's natural healing ability. There are bedding materials that you could consciously choose from that will help you heal and rejuvenate.
  5. Detox your body: Cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out involves following a healthy workout regime, eating food rich in nutrients and drinking plenty of water. Meditation and exercises are an effective Mind-Body detox. They are proven to reduce your stress factor. Panchakarma is the ultimate detoxification of body and mind, offered by Ayurveda medicine. It is a five-process-therapy for purifying body’s five main organs of elimination – the bowels, urinary tract, skin, lungs and mind. Vamana- induced emesis using Ayurveda medicine, Virechana- an induced cleansing, Nasya- a process of detoxifying respiratory tract using Ayurveda drugs, Basti- cleanse out toxins from the lower colon, Swedana – herbal steam bath. Panchakarma is beneficial in restoring metabolic fire, reduces stress, and improves the immune system, endurance and vitality.
  6. Detox your mind -
    • Meditation - Consistent meditation has proven to have wonderful effects on your brain. Vipassana is one such meditation that will teach you to experience the world in completely new ways. It is a type of insight meditation, a process of self-discovery that aims to retrain harmful thought patterns.
    • Dealing with stress - There is no denying that your work and relationships responsibilities will always be demanding. And fulfilling these demands may just pile up to your increased stress level. This overloaded stress which you suffer from, day in, day out - is silently sabotaging your emotional equilibrium and physical health. You can eliminate stress from your life by following effective stress management. And it begins with identifying the source of stress in your life. The foundation of managing stress is to remove the underlying cause of it.
    • Leading a life of mindfulness - Practicing mindfulness,whether it’s at work or home, is the perfect technique to relax your body and mind racing with a fight or flight impulse (at times of conflict). You need to be consciously aware. It demands – a willingness to stay present, to feel intensely, subside negative thoughts, and develop new and helpful ways of interacting. And it helps you to be far clearer in your perceptions.
Lastly, it is all about leading a conscious lifestyle which is not something you do just once but practice it like a habit for the rest of your life. It is about appreciating and valuing yourself and everything around through seeing and acting with greater clarity. It helps you to become happier, healthier, more energetic and focused, and at peace.
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