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Top Twelve Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare

We call it the dirty dozen. And we will never ever put them in our skincare. In fact, we will never sell anything that we won't put on our own families.

When we go skincare shopping, we base our choices on the product claims alone. What if those claims come at a cost to your wellbeing? Yes, you heard it right. Most of the conventional skincare out there contain tons of chemicals, some more harmful than the others, but harmful nonetheless. So, let's make it simple for you and give you a list of ingredients that you need to avoid. Needless to mention, your Daughter Earth products will never contain these. Ever. 

Skin being the largest organ in the body suffers the most from daily wear and tear. This is further aggravated by the toxic soup that we apply on it almost on a daily basis, and that too, unknowingly. The negative effects of these toxins range from skin cancer to lifestyle issues such as PCOD, hormonal imbalances, and of course the skin allergies. 

1. Aluminium:
Aluminium is harsh and a heavy metal. Think about that for a moment. Heavy metal can affect our very blood and poison it over time. The most common item that has aluminium is deodorants, a product we use almost every single day!

2. DEA, MEA and TEA:
Diethanolamine, Monoethanolamine, and Triethanolamine are clear, colourless and viscous substances present in soaps, shower gels and face washes. It’s the product that helps in foaming. It is quite harsh on the skin.

3. DMDM Hydantoin, Urea:
These are preservatives that can cause joint pain and allergies. It can also cause loss of sleep and headaches.

4. Mineral oil:
This is a product of petroleum that is liquefied and purified. However, it can be pore clogging, because it sits on top of your skin like a thick layer that prevents the release of any toxins.

5. Parabens:
Regardless of what parabens are present in a skincare product, they are all meant for preservation, and they all have the potential to cause cancer and hormonal disruption.

6. PEG (Polyethylene Glycol):
This chemical is used to thicken the product and make it feel more luxurious. However, it can tamper with the moisture barrier of the skin.

7. Phthalates:
Phthalates are plastic ingredients that help with the product’s flexibility. They are also synthetic fragrances and therefore may not be outright labelled.

8. Propylene and Butylene
These Glycols are harsh surfactants that will rip out the natural oil of the skin, making it drier.

9. Siloxanes:
These are derivatives of silicones, added to make a product feel luxurious, but it is quite harmful to the environment

10. SLS and SLES
These are detergents that add foam to a product, not only can it strip out the skin completely, but it can also be hard to separate from water.

11. Synthetic Fragrances:
It is a very bad idea to use products that contain synthetic fragrances. They are the major factor for skin allergies or dermatitis. One fragrance can be made up of thousand components, so you have no idea what exactly is present in the product. 

12. Triclosan:
Triclosan is used as an antibacterial, but it can degrade in dioxin, a cancer-causing ingredient.

What makes us different?

Our divine plant fragrances: In our products, we carefully blend expensive plant oils and extracts together. Yes, you are truly immersing your skin and other senses in a ton of herbs when you put any of our products on the skin.

Highest Grade Ingredients: All our formulations start with a careful selection of a bounty of botanicals - actually some of the highest grade herbs known to the mankind for thousands of years. We meticulously craft these into our high-performance skincare through advanced technology processes. We do not put any of the above dirty dozen as fillers or preservatives. Instead, we opt for plant blends for our anhydrous formulas, and only Ecocert approved preservatives in our emulsions. 

Wild Habitats: We choose wild-harvested herbs, some picked from remote foothills of the western ghats, some at 12000+ altitudes in cold deserts of the Himalayas. This is to ensure that these herbs that come from the most natural habitats - their wildest habitats - and at their potent best. 

There are many such things that we have done differently at Daughter Earth, some small and some very significant in terms of impact, and we'd continue to do so. So, when you buy your Daughter Earth product, you know that you're not only investing in pure plant-based skin food, but also in a brand that truly cares. 

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