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Eleven Natural Ingredients that work for Sensitive Skin

 Eleven Natural Ingredients that work for Sensitive Skin 

Did you know that only 10% of the world actually have a sensitive skin? Did you also know that sensitive skin is an acquired condition in several cases? This is exactly why our skin suddenly starts acting haywire and stops tolerating even the products that earlier suited the skin.

In a majority of the cases, it is usually because our skin is sensitized to something - this could be an ingredient in one of the products you are applying or even food -  and switching it can usually make the difference to our skin, although it might take a while for your skin to get normal. But what about those poor souls who have no respite and relief even when they try tons of products?

Sensitive skin has little to no skin barrier, which means products are more prone to reacting on their skin. Pimples, rashes, redness and irritation are a common occurrence, and skin texture is often bumpy, flaky and rough. On top of it, sensitive skin is also prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

When all else fails, mother nature prevails. There are amazing botanicals out there in nature which works way better than any toxic chemical products for your skin which needs extra TLC. Here are a few of them:

1. Marigold

This is truly a sensitive skin superstar. This bright, orange and yellow flower are high in carotenoids that absorb vitamins and minerals and protects you from environmental pollution. It can also alleviate signs of sun damage and has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.  All in all, a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient. See Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum.

2. Pomegranate seed oil

Applying oil on a face can sound strange, for sensitive skin, it can be a life savior. Pomegranate oil is rich in antioxidant, meaning it can help in purifying your skin and hydrating it at the same time. Look for this amazing ingredient in moisturizers for that additional goodness. It’s also a formulator’s dream botanical and we at Daughter Earth have used it in all our leave-on products to harness its superpowers See: Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser, Antioxidant Lip Balm and Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum

3. Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb that can help in fighting skin infections and stopping bacterial growth. It can heal and lighten age spots, which in turn can help in maintaining a youthful glow to your face.

4. Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is full of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid, that nourishes and calms your skin, plus it promotes cell turnover. it absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving a very oily and greasy texture. According to, it can help in healing sunburns, cure acne, dermatitis, dry skin and even stretch marks. This is a true miracle oil that is extremely beneficial to dry skin prone to acne, wrinkles or eczema.

5. Rose

Rose helps in calming the skin considerably. Besides its beautiful fragrance, it can help maintain a healthy glow on your face. It can be healthy for a sensitive skin looking to smoothen out the skin texture.

6. Grape Seed Oil

It’s an excellent, calming source of antioxidants and vitamins that can protect skin from free radical damage and increase collagen production. It is also one of the main components of our Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum, and is specifically  added for it’s soothing and anti-aging properties.

7. Aloe vera

Everyone knows about the magic ingredient that is aloe vera. It has the comedogenic rating of zero, which means it won’t clog pores yet hydrate your skin. It can benefit all skin types, especially the sensitive ones

8. Chamomile

Chamomile is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties of the skin. It is an ingredient that calms the skin down from redness and even sunburns.

9. Willow Herb

This is nature’s toner. It’s popular for its astringent and soothing properties. Ancient civilizations such as Incas have used teas, tinctures and pretty much every part of the plant to heal wounds, burns and to calm the gut.

10. Licorice

Licorice is a sweet ingredient that helps in soothing inflammations, while hydrating and brightening up the face at the same time.

11. Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral oxide that fights bacteria and heals the sun damage. It also acts as a sunscreen and helps in curing any sort of skin rash due to sunburn. Zinc Oxide is particularly interesting for topical skin care because it is a physical sunscreen that is non-toxic unlike chemical based sunscreens. It also provides a broad spectrum UV protection.

Sensitive skin requires a lot of care and maintenance. However, when taken care by following a powerful skin care regime as well as by eating soothing and anti-inflammatory foods, this condition can be kept under check.  Who doesn’t want a nourished glowing skin, while basking in mother nature’s lap?