Why & How of Detoxing your Mind

This post is part of The Detox Series. 

A simple google search about the word detox will tell you that it is a process through which you can rid your body of from the toxins. Detoxing has gone mainstream as a vast number of people tend to seek wellness.

But an important aspect of our body, our mind, its health and vigour is often ignored.

Our brains are powerhouses - it stores our experiences right from birth, forms our thought processes, gives us our logical thinking capabilities, makes us form reactions around us, processes emotions, and even helps us dream while we sleep. That’s a lot of function for an organ, and consecutively, a lot of toxins that are intangible.

While the world has finally come around to discussions about the mind, mental health and its after effects, it still needs additional awareness and care every now and then to avoid risking it further.

Here are some of the ways through which you can detox your mind from the false and limited thinking that disrupts your mental wellbeing :

  1. Meditation: Meditation is one of the most popular forms of detoxifying your mind. Consistent meditation has proven to have wonderful effects on your brain.  Even a meditation session of five minutes can relax your mind for the rest of the day. Meditation is something that each and every one of us can practise and is highly encouraged while practising yoga.
  2. Travel: If you are in a workforce that is insanely fast paced and requires every bit of your mind to work harmoniously, take a short break and travel, and travel as often as you can. When you move away from the toxic, mind-consuming work you force your brain into, your mind will relax and absorb newer things readily. Travelling is good for your soul, as it helps in forming new experiences without the stress of it all.
  3. Meditation: Yes, let us meditate for a happier and healthier life. It is said that a significant percentage of our ailments reside in our mind and what's a better way to purify our mind than meditation? There are several forms of meditation out there, and coming from the land of seekers, the land of people who had been spiritual scientists, there's a ton of knowledge and wisdom out there in India about mindfulness and spiritual advancement. We love Vipassana. If you haven’t heard of Vipassana, it’s time you look into it. It’s an art of living, a science of mindfulness. Vipassana is a technique of meditation that will teach you to experience the world in completely new ways by focusing on the inside, by looking at the truth within. It is a type of insight meditation, a process of self-discovery that aims to retrain harmful thought patterns. There are several courses to this form of meditation, made for those who are really willing for some mindful relaxation.
  4. Live Consciously: Have you noticed that as we step further and further into modernity and consumerism, we forget to live consciously? We start preferring one-time use items, buy things we know we cannot finish or will not wear, or live in ways that are graceless. Our mind, however, cannot handle the wasteful ways. It likes regularity and discipline, and we need to train ourselves to achieve this. Reusable items, sustainable habits are calming for our mind. A life of fulfilling needs is the goal one should aim to achieve. It helps you to become happier, healthier, more energetic and focused, and at peace.
De-stress your lifestyle: There is no denying that your work and relationships responsibilities will always be demanding. And fulfilling these demands may just pile up to your increased stress level. This overloaded stress which you suffer from, day in, day out - is silently sabotaging your emotional equilibrium and physical health. You can eliminate stress from your life by following effective stress management. You cannot leave all your modern comforts, nor the materialism completely. However, you can certainly aim for minimalism in your day to day life, and practise connecting with people you care for. Keep that phone away while conversing with your family, shut off your televisions an hour early and prepare for your bedtime. It will be hard to break free from unhealthy patterns, but when you begin, you will feel so much alive in your surroundings.