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Manjistha - the ancient Indian herb rediscovered for anti-aging in skincare


A herb with a rather distinct name, the Rubia cordifolia – more commonly known as the Manjistha or the Indian Madder – is extremely popular around the world for its magical healing properties. Completely natural and purifying by nature, this wonder herb might not be a household name just yet, but you might want to note down the name, for the Manjistha is much more than just its unique name. 

What is Manjistha?

The Manjistha, literally meaning “bright red” is of the coffee family and is most commonly known for its extremely effective cleansing and detoxifying abilities. The plant itself is a climber by nature, most commonly found and grown in the Indian subcontinent. A multipurpose herb, it is best used for people attempting to detoxify their bodies or for those eating a primarily toxic diet. Moreover, it addresses many symptoms and diseases and promotes overall body health and wellness.

Skincare benefits:

Used in our Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum, and Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser, the Manjistha is packed to the brim with essential nutrients that enrich the skin in more ways than one.

  • Treats hyperpigmentation: Manjistha is an effective blood detoxifier and helps manage skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.
  • Cures acne: A detoxifying herb by nature, the Manjistha helps remove acne, pimples, freckles, and boils.
  • Reduces inflammation: With anti-inflammation properties, this herb is extremely useful in reducing inflammation.
  • Anti-aging effects: Manjistha contains an abundance of antioxidants that reduce wrinkles and gives the skin an overall youthful appearance.
  • Heals damaged skin: With healing abilities, this herb can be applied on wounds and cuts to speed up healing.
  • Cleanses skin: Manjistha is known to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, giving it a fresh glow.

Properties of Manjistha: The Indian Madder contains anthraquinones and glycosides. The key components include purpurin, quinones, iridoid glycosides, triterpinoids, beta-sitosterol, munjistin, peudopurpurin, and glucoside. These compounds impart antibacterial, expectorant, astringent, emmenagogue, tonic, vulnerary and diuretic properties to the herb.

Health benefits:

Primarily known as a purifier, Manjistha is commonly used to cleanse the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It helps to maintain normal blood circulation, blood flow, and blood pressure. It helps to remove toxins from the blood. It is a popular detoxifier and is especially useful in detoxification of the liver as it helps eliminate the toxins that are released and reduces toxic reactions. 

Manjistha contains sulphur and tannins, which are essential compounds which aid in the cure of bacterial diseases. Also containing anti-inflammatory properties, this herb greatly reduces swelling of the joints. It also drastically increases the white blood cell quantity in the body, which leads to a stronger immune system.  It is also used to treat spleen ailments, gallstones and amenorrhea.

Scientific studies have proved that use of Manjistha helps prohibit clot formation, treat raised uric acid, gout, glandular swellings, skin abnormalities, urinary infections, dysentery, diarrhoea, and fevers.

Manjistha in Ayurveda:

Manjistha is commonly employed in Ayurvedic practices and is popular for its purifying and detoxifying properties. It is classified in Ayurveda as a Jvarahara (herb that relieves fever), a Vishaghna (anti-toxic herb) and a Varnya (good for skin) herb. It is a Pittahara ingredient, and is thus useful in tissue-related ailments.

Manjistha is truly a superhero that simultaneously heals and rejuvenates the body. With so many wonderful and nourishing effects, it’s no wonder that it is so renowned as a medicinal herb.