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Punnaga (Tamanu) Oil - the skincare miracle that gods hid behind the branches!


Called also by a multitude of names such as Punnaga Oil, beauty-leaf oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum seed oil,Kamanii oil, calophyllum oil, dilo oil, foraha oil, Alexandrian laurel oil, and poon oil, Tamanu oil is known for its distict aroma. It is rich in texture, but don’t let the thickness of this oil fool you – Tamanu oil is absorbed easily by the skin and does an exception job in nourishment from both inside and out.

What is Tamanu oil?

The Punnaga or Ati tree, originating in coastal Polynesia, yields small nuts, which, when dried and squeezed, ejected a strong-smelling oil. This oil, Tamanu oil, was later found to have natural healing properties that made it a godsend for the skin and hair.

Today, the tree is also found in coastal areas of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa, Malaysia, and Australia.  Multi-functional benefits of Tamanu have made this exotic oil one of the most trusted beauty products around, and while it might not be a household name just yet, trust me, you might want to keep this oil well-stocked!

Skincare benefits:

Tamanu oil has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, and it’s also rich in fatty acids that have healing effects on the skin. 

  • Smoothens wrinkles: Tamanu oil is filled to the brim with fatty acids, and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • Heals acne scars: Whether from acne, surgery, chicken pox etc, Tamanu oil helps heal scars on the skin through its incredible regenerative properties.
  • Heals wounds: Since Tamanu oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it speeds up the rate at which wounds heal.
  • Protects skin: Tamanu oil is believed to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Treats hyperpigmentation: This essential oil possesses skin lightening properties which make it extremely helpful for reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • Calms itchiness: The antibacterial nature of this oil makes it a natural remedy to calm itches and soothe rashes.
  • Treats fungal infections: Tamanu oil containing antifungal properties can even heal fungal infections that occur on the scalp and skin.

Properties of Tamanu oil: Tamanu oil is rich in fatty acids like Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Calophyllic acid, and Stearic acid. These have a natural healing and detoxifying effect on the skin. It contains active molecules like friedelin, canophyllol, xanthones and coumarins as well as the all-important omega-6 and 9 fatty acids. Tamanu oil also has various antioxidant, deodorizing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative effects which make it perfect for use on the skin.

Health benefits:

In ancient times, natives believed the Tamanu tree was a sacred gift of nature and that gods hid in its branches. Well, they weren’t far from the mark, because the Tamanu tree is truly a godsend. With a whole variety of both skincare and other benefits and uses, Tamanu oil is definitely a shining star in the world of essential oils.

Known to produce wondrous effects on problematic skin, Tamanu oil also can heal inflammatory conditions like eczema and rosacea, as well as wounds and scars. Tamanu oil has also been documented to have pain-relieving effects and is commonly applied on insect bites, scrapes, psoriasis, diabetic sores, dry or scaly skin, cracks, blisters, and frostbite. It is also traditionally used topically against sore throats.

The benefits of Tamanu oil to the hair and scalp are many. The fatty acids in the oil promotes hair growth, and the antifungal nature of the oil actively prevents fungal infections on the scalp. Moreover, it gives hair a beautiful shine when used.

The canophyllic acid contained in Tamanu oil acts moderately against bladder infections, sores, sepsis, and pneumonia. Researchers even concluded in a study that the antimicrobial agents in Tamanu oil can be used successfully to treat a number eye infections. This essential oil also promotes microcirculation and protects small capillaries.

Tamanu Oil in Ayurveda:

The Tamanu tree (known as Punnaga) is indigenous to tropical Southeast Asia and is used primarily in the world of skincare. Its miraculous wound-healing properties and its regenerative, soothing and healing nature make it an essential ingredient in Ayurveda. It is considered a sacred tree in ancient texts referring to its association with Lord Krishna and Adi Yogi Shiva. 

Tamanu oil is certainly a superpower oil that is packed with a host of benefits for the skin, body, and inner organs: it even has a pleasant nutty smell that makes it pleasant to the mind! This oil definitely deserves all the attention and more for its wonderful healing capabilities that could rival any product a doctor prescribes.