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Skincare During Pregnancy: What to Avoid, What to Use

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. But this wonderful time has its own hardships, with symptoms differing from one person to the other. And we all try to prepare the best we can for the greatest bundle of joy even before they are here. Your body becomes a temple, and taking care of it should become the top priority.

While visiting your doctor is an absolute priority, when It comes to the safety of your child, there are certain things you can do to alleviate some of the hardships. Skin can often be the first organ that gets hit, and even though you might think your pregnancy glow will kick in eventually, sometimes the exact opposite may happen.

Let’s talk about things that you need to avoid during pregnancy:

Choose your Essential oils:

Not all essential oils are safe during pregnancy. Essential oils are usually alright in minimum quantities as they are usually diluted in another carrier oil. However, some essential oils can be detrimental to your health when you are pregnant. Some oils can cause contractions or cause your body to act unnaturally. It’s a good idea to avoid oils such as clary sage, fennel, majoram, cinnamon, birch, basil, sage, camphor, tarragon, caraway and mugwart.

Avoid Toxic Nail care:

Nail polishes have toxic chemicals on that can weaken the nail bed and cause permanent damage to them. While a non-pregnant woman can rock those pretty colours, pregnant women may want to avoid them, especially because their bodies have a delicate balance at this point.

Say NO to Skin lighteners:

Many women suffer from hyperpigmentation on their faces. Even patchy or uneven skin tone and texture may appear because your body might be producing more melanin. Do not try to lighten these patches. Certain over-the-counter, chemical-based skin lighteners contain toxic metals such as mercury that can enter your bloodstream and cause disruptions. Instead, choose natural, safe ingredients that will help you.

You wouldn't want Retinoids either:

While retinoids are amazing anti-aging compounds, and safe to use normally, it is not something you want in your skincare during pregnancy. They can cause birth defects and other pregnancy complications.

Now let’s talk about skincare during pregnancy that is safe for you

Look for brands that take special care in selecting ingredients right at the R&D stage to ensure that they are pregnancy-safe and even breastfeeding safe. At Daughter Earth, all our formulations are proprietary ayurvedic formulas and we take utmost care in selecting ingredients that are safe for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. We avoid essential oils that may cause discomfort to us when we are in this beautiful phase of life. 

Natural Nutritional Supplements:

There are several dietary supplements that are available and your doctor may advise you to take supplements that support vitamins, enzymes, and other essential macro and micronutrients. You might want to look for botanical variants of these. With the rich Ayurvedic wisdom that was passed on to us from thousands of years, Ayurvedic supplements can support these dietary requirements, while being completely plant-based and ethical. After all, we don’t want to swallow a pill made from sheep skin right?

Face Oils - your skin's perfect mate

During pregnancy, you might want to avoid toxic, chemically laden moisturisers and try something safe and natural. Face oils are plant-based oils that add nutrients to your skin while being safe for your baby. They have no preservatives, parabens and can be 100% natural. When formulated right, they will not block your pores, help with pigmentation and dull skin. When chosen carefully, these oils can give serious nutrition to our skin. Our Rejuvenating Serum is carefully formulated with pregnancy-friendly ingredients such as carrot seed oils and grape seed oils that are non-comedogenic and rich in antioxidants.

Body lotions and body oils made with natural ingredients. You can use home recipes too.

With pregnancy, stretch marks are inevitable. To combat that, you can use body lotions specially designed to fight stretch marks, or massage your tummy with coconut oil, or mustard oil. Keep your skin moisturised will not only make you feel happy, but your skin will shine with an additional glow.

Non-comedogenic moisturisers

If you feel your skin getting oilier, then you must switch to a moisturiser that is non-comedogenic yet hydrating. Our Phytonutrient Moisturiser is made from  natural and vegan ingredients that are non-comedogenic and filled with nature’s goodness to hydrate you and give you an extra glow.

As always, it’s always good to consult a doctor before trying anything out.

The most important rule of all is: when in doubt, ask your doctor. Your skin care during this time should be simple, moisture boosting and focus on the happy skin. Happy skin means happy mothers, and happy mothers mean happy babies!

Any pregnancy skincare hacks that you'd like to share with other mothers who read our blogs? Write to us!