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Can one serum really work for all skin types? These miracle ingredients prove it's possible

Most of the serums out there, especially the ones that are water-based emulsions, that we tend to reach for have very less percentage of actives and most of what you hold dearly in your hand is just made of water and other fillers. By this, we mean that it lacks the ingredients in the concentrations that can do wonders for our skin. Also, ingredients in most serums target only one specific concern. However, our Rejuvenating Serum, 100% active, preservative-free, multi-correctional is a skincare game-changer. This facial oil is rich in skin-loving lipids, antioxidants, flavonoids, and nutrients (Vitamins E, C, and B), helps skin microcirculation and delivers nutrients to the deeper layers for a rejuvenated and radiant skin. Let us guide you...

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Oil as Your Moisturizer Imagine the idea of replacing your daily night cream with oils. Since childhood its hard to believe that we hated oils on our hair and our skin, but it’s true! Our skin loves oil and craves it. Dry, normal or sensitive, oils maintain that moisture barrier on our skin, which is a key to maintain a healthy glow on our face. You may ask, what about an oily skin? The idea of using oils is ‘oil cancels oil’. Oily skin is dehydrated skin, meaning to compensate, the skin produces more oil than required to maintain the balance. However, adding oils, especially lightweight oils regularly controls the sebum production, which means less...

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Winter Cherry aka Ashwagandha in Skincare and Beauty

Literally translating to “smell of a horse,” the Ashwagandha is a shrub that seemingly blesses those who consume it with horse-esque strength. Don’t be fooled, however: this plant has been used for nearly 3,000 years and is also loaded with so many medicinal properties and produces effects that seem near-impossible, which is why it’s even been called magical, nature’s gift to mankind. It's exceptional skin-nourishing qualities made us choose Ashwagandha for our Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum.  What is Ashwagandha? Cultivated primarily in India, Nepal, and China, the Ashwagandha, also called the Indian Winter Cherry, is a small plant that yields red fruits and has grown greatly in popularity over the years due to its dual ability to strengthen and calm.  It...

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