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Sleep Detox? Yes, you read it right!

This article is part of The Detox Series.  Never heard of detoxing your sleep? It's time. We will cover the importance of healthier bedding for safer sleep. Scientific research states that they are potential hazards with the material used. Some are even carcinogenic.  Did you know that the bedding and mattresses you choose to sleep on can potentially impact your overall health? We spend one-third of our lives on revitalizing our drained body and mind through sleep. The fabric of our mattresses and bedding can contain chemicals, some of which are toxic in nature - that cause negative health issues, hinder the task of rejuvenation and our body's natural healing ability. They can even expose our body to toxic chemicals...

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What’s different about Daughter Earth?

What’s different about Daughter Earth? This was one question that had been a constant in our brand's journey. A question that we asked ourselves a few years ago when the idea of Daughter Earth was conceived. We’ll discuss some of those aspects in this blog today. There are several natural skincare brands out there in the world, many that we’ve tried as women, some that we really respect and adore. We aren't trying to redo what those amazing founders and teams have achieved. 1. The premise with which we started - Women shouldn’t compromise between what’s natural and what’s effective.  We felt a huge need for performance-oriented products that are natural, safe and ethical. To be able to do this...

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