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Let Your Pimples Speak: A Guide to Mapping Your Face

How many times have we looked at our pimples and rushed to get it extracted or popped? Regardless of our age and lifestyle, no one likes pimples. They are unwelcome guests who overstay their welcome even when the party is over. But the next time you attack your pimple with vigour, pause for a moment. Take a good look at it, it’s position and appearance. Would you believe it if we told you that our pimples might be trying to warn us about our bodies? It’s a bit hard to believe, but since all our organs are connected, our skin is often the first responder. This theory is called face mapping. Using this method, we can determine why we may...

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What is Potassium Sorbate

Beauty products that contain water - such as moisturisers, creams, cleansers etc - require preservation to maintain their authenticity. It’s not easy to choose a preservative that is good to your skin, is non-toxic and is eco-friendly, as all preservatives have some type of flaws and can deteriorate your skin in some way or the other. As a natural brand, we make sure the ingredients that we use are safe and responsibly sourced. In our quest for the most risk-free ingredients, we came across Potassium Sorbate which has been used for many years in the world of skincare.  In this blog, we will discuss what it is, why we use it in our skincare and how it works to enhance...

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