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Punnaga (Tamanu) Oil - the skincare miracle that gods hid behind the branches!

  Called also by a multitude of names such as Punnaga Oil, beauty-leaf oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum seed oil,Kamanii oil, calophyllum oil, dilo oil, foraha oil, Alexandrian laurel oil, and poon oil, Tamanu oil is known for its distict aroma. It is rich in texture, but don’t let the thickness of this oil fool you – Tamanu oil is absorbed easily by the skin and does an exception job in nourishment from both inside and out. What is Tamanu oil? The Punnaga or Ati tree, originating in coastal Polynesia, yields small nuts, which, when dried and squeezed, ejected a strong-smelling oil. This oil, Tamanu oil, was later found to have natural healing properties that made it a godsend for the skin and...

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