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Eating for a Healthy Glowing Skin: Best Food for Your Skin Type

What is the Best Food for Your Skin Type? Eating for a Healthy Glowing Skin Everyone loves to eat. Eating healthy and eating smart can give your skin and body, lots of power and immunity to fight diseases. Researchers have found out previously that our diet can affect the way our skin looks to various degrees. Eating a balanced diet with all the necessary carbohydrates, fats and protein, with very little salt and sugar, can be a boost to our skin. This proves the age-old adage: We are what we eat. Is it possible to eat food and maintain our skin? If our ancient wisdom and the modern scientific studies were to be believed, then yes! Additionally, each skin type can...

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Citrus Medica or Citron for Antiaging Skincare

Citrons (Citrus Medica) represent both the heart and the ideal Jewish faith, as it is aromatic and flavorful. Citron is one of the oldest citrus fruits, with documentation reaching as far back as the Mesopotamian civilization. Citrons may look like bumpy, unattractive lemons, but the vitamins and nutrients they offer are surely remarkable. Citrons are loaded with properties that are astonishingly beneficial to your skin and health as well. What is citron extract? The citron is a large fragrant citrus fruit with a thick rind, it is botanically classified as Citrus medica. In Italian, it is known as a Cedro. Citron’s pulp is dry, containing a small quantity of insipid juice. The essential oil of the flavedo (the outermost layer...

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