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The Science Behind Smudging and Medicinal Smokes

smudging medicinal value medicinal smoke cleanse the air

Across cultures, traditionally dhoop, havan, smudging, and other forms of medicinal smokes are revered to cleanse the environment we live in. Over 250 medicinal plants such as camphor, neem, sage, and frankincense (sambrani) have been used in more than 50 countries for medicinal smokes. 

cleansing rituals smudging havanA research study on burning havan samagri (wood + medicinal plants) indicated a 94% removal of bacteria from the environment. In fact, even after 30 days, the absence of several pathogenic bacteria showed the bactericidal potential of the medicinal smoke treatment. Smudging is considered a powerful antiseptic.                                                                                    The advantages of smoke-based remedies as revealed by the study are rapid delivery to the brain and more efficient absorption by the body. Smoke administered medicinally is typically used to aid lung, brain and skin function.

How to prepare medicinal smoke at home?

smudgingTake dried medicinal herbs such as neem, tulsi and sage leaf bunches and burn them the same way you’d use incense.                                      You can smoke Frankincense on coal (sambrani or loban).                  Or Simply light up incense sticks, set a good intention and let the smoke reach every corner of your home.