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What is Potassium Sorbate

Beauty products that contain water - such as moisturisers, creams, cleansers etc - require preservation to maintain their authenticity. It’s not easy to choose a preservative that is good to your skin, is non-toxic and is eco-friendly, as all preservatives have some type of flaws and can deteriorate your skin in some way or the other. As a natural brand, we make sure the ingredients that we use are safe and responsibly sourced. In our quest for the most risk-free ingredients, we came across Potassium Sorbate which has been used for many years in the world of skincare.  In this blog, we will discuss what it is, why we use it in our skincare and how it works to enhance your beauty.

Great Preservation Agent

Initially, it was obtained from the berries of the mountain ash tree which is found in the Himalayas. However, these days it is also produced artificially from Sorbic acid and Potassium hydroxide. The end result is a “nature-identical” molecule which is odorless and tasteless and is used in skin care formulas to preserve their shelf life and also to stop the growth of microorganisms (i.e. fungi and mold formation). Though it is a great alternative to parabens, it is still not able to fight against bacteria.  Hence, it should be used along with other preservatives to ensure complete protection of the products. One good example of a formulation that uses Potassium Sorbate as a preservative is our Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturizer, which is also packed with the goodness of rosemary, grape seed oil, and almond oil -all of which are excellent natural preservatives.

Not only this, it is also popular in the food industry for its antimicrobial properties which help to cease the formation of molds and harmful fungi in cheese, jellies, syrups, and dried meats. It also acts as a great wine stabilizer and prevents yeast formation in bottles of wine.

How safe is Potassium Sorbate?

Since it's been around for so long several studies have been carried out to determine whether Potassium Sorbate has any side effects on humans. Science indicates that it is a humble preserving agent which is non- irritating and non-sensitizing on the skin when used in controlled quantities. It has a toxicity level similar to that of table salt and is biodegradable which makes it friendly for the environment.

In fact, many health organizations (i.e. the FDA, Cosmetic Ingredient Review, the Natural Products Association and the Centre for Science in the Public Interest) have listed it as a safe and non-toxic ingredient.  Moreover, it is Ecocert COSMOS compliant ingredient and features in Ecocert ’s catalog of permissible agents for skincare. Along with protection it also adds a sweet fragrance to the products it is used in.

How do we use it in our products?

We at Daughter Earth pride ourselves in harnessing the power of nature through its rich botanicals.  To infuse this wonder in our products we made sure to go through numerous scientific studies and employ the best green technology available in the market. Also, our knowledge of Ayurveda helps us to combine ingredients which are loaded with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and extensive nourishment properties. Our products guarantee visible results with zero damage to your skin. They are highly effective, paraben free and cruelty-free formulations which are our answer to toxic beauty products found in the market.

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