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What’s different about Daughter Earth?

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What’s different about Daughter Earth?

This was one question that had been a constant in our brand's journey. A question that we asked ourselves a few years ago when the idea of Daughter Earth was conceived. We’ll discuss some of those aspects in this blog today. There are several natural skincare brands out there in the world, many that we’ve tried as women, some that we really respect and adore. We aren't trying to redo what those amazing founders and teams have achieved.

1. The premise with which we started - Women shouldn’t compromise between what’s natural and what’s effective. 

We felt a huge need for performance-oriented products that are natural, safe and ethical. To be able to do this is no small thing. It takes time, effort and tons of patience in formulating the best product without compromising on our values. We also wanted to cut-through the green-washing noise, keep things simple for our consumers and this is precisely the reason why you'd see very few products in our line. We painstakingly formulate each of the products we release and after intensive R&D over years. We meticulously choose highest grade botanicals from the remotest parts of the world, use modern extraction techniques such as supercritical extraction processes - all to deliver efficacy. We keep the line simple, clean and effective.

  1. Scientific Rigor and taking advantage of modern research

While we believe that every brand creates products with good intentions, we've seen a serious lacking in scientific rigor. We've seen reputed brands, supposedly the best luxury brands out there, formulate with high concentrations of essential oils that have known allergens and skin irritants. Jasmine for example! Some even formulated day creams with photosensitive natural substances. We've had one too many heartbreaks when our skins irritated, mostly because we really wanted to love the product. We wanted to develop a line that is rigorously formulated based on principles of scientific research, Advanced green biochemistry and ancient  Ayurveda. We wouldn't compromise on that. While we are analytic and scientific by way of our thinking and education, we are rooted in tradition because of which Ayurveda is at the core of our formulations. So, when you see us launching our next product, you know what sort of an effort and science has gone into it. We would launch nothing short of the best.

  1. What we stand for: Being Conscious and Rooted in Wellbeing

Each of our products harness the healing power of ingredients found in nature and are aimed at supporting nutritional wellbeing of your skin. Something that would improve your skin microbiome and barrier function. We are conscious of what we put on the skin, how we source the ingredients. At the same time, we stay true to our values and say no to animal and animal derived ingredients as well as animal testing. We are PETA certified, 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. So, when you buy that little something to pamper your skin, you know that it conforms to the best standards.

  1. The way our business is structured

We are a founder and founding team owned business and we do not plan to change that. While we are passionate about building a brand and reaching many customers with whom we can share our labor of love with, we wouldn't want growth at the cost of conscience. In short, you are in good hands.

At a very early stage, even before we sold a single product, we committed ourselves to two causes we deeply care about:afforestation and girl child education. We do this in collaboration with two NGOs, One Tree Planted, USA and Plan India.

This is what luxury means to us. Is there a better way to define luxury? We don’t think so.

We are always happy to hear your thoughts and discuss details with you. Please feel free to write to us at or ping us on Instagram.