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Why Skin Needs Direct Nutrition?

(Long post. We promise it'd be worth your time!)

Let’s talk about nourishment for your skin. Is it important that you incorporate nutrient-rich topical skincare (serums, creams etc applied on the skin)? Is it enough if you eat well and do nothing else on your skin? Can your food take care of everything your skin needs?

No. And here’s why. Your circulatory system and liver ensure that the nutrients are distributed to all the vital functions of the body and also to the regions where they are much needed. Those regions may not always be your skin, at least not always the priority. The nutrients you eat are absorbed by virtually every other organ before reaching the skin, making their skin-health benefits minimal. For example, if you are having a hormonal imbalance, and are suffering from breakouts as a result of elevated inflammation in the body, you would have noticed that no matter how right you eat, your acne just doesn’t listen to you. Sometimes these even end up as dark spots that don’t go away leading to post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. The causes of these dark spots can vary from inflammation levels, hormonal imbalances, to even vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Did you know that a deficiency in Vitamin D levels may cause slow healing and slower regeneration of your skin? This may translate to pigmentation that’s a constant on your skin. 

Skin is a unique organ that can absorb nutrition from our food as well as when nutrition is delivered topically - in the form of serums or creams. This also puts in a unique position to be able to heal itself by directly consuming nutrition when applied topically. 

Not all Topicals are Effective. While eating well is a no brainer to having healthy skin, it is also important to support the skin health using topical antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But is every form of topical application effective? The answer is NO. The delivery system by which these nutrients are applied defines the efficacy of the product. 

Delivery System (Mimicking Skin's Processes): It needs to be delivered in a format that the skin can absorb - meaning lower molecular weight, or in a lipophilic format. The skin’s structure including sebum is mostly made of lipids and lipid-soluble substances, and therefore a product delivered in the form of say face oils such as our Rejuvenating Serum is very effective. Now you understand why that face oil of yours does precious things to your skin? But again, not all face oils or oil and water emulsions are created alike. Yes, that’s got to do with the molecular weight. Take, for example, coconut oil. The molecules are so large that there is barely any nutrition getting into the skin beyond the dermis. It may even clog the pores. Those thick creams, again, they may not be all that effective. 

Molecular Weight: Serums and well-formulated face oils with lower molecular weights are therefore one of the most efficient ways to deliver nutrition to the skin. When formulated to work in tandem with skin’s structure - mimicking it even- they ensure precise delivery of targeted actives. Which means you can target specific nutritional actives for specific issues such as acne, pigmentation, elasticity, dryness etc. When the concentrations of these ingredients are carefully calibrated to the levels that are effective on the skin, these topical skincare products deliver a healthy radiance and an additional support system to your skin.

When these formulations are made consciously using safe and botanical ingredients, we get to harness the power of nature effectively and without toxic effects on our skin. This philosophy of understanding the skin's nutritional requirements and using plants to harness the power of nature has been at the core of everything that we do at Daughter Earth. 

Doing it Right! Alright, now you know why topical skincare matters. How to do this right? It is always good to have a skin routine. Not because we say so. It’s scientific and logical. Here's how to think about it. In the morning, because your skin is exposed to environmental stressors and fatigue, you should focus on prevention and protection for the day. At night, along with other organs, the skin gets into the healing mode - the natural regeneration cycle of your body that goes hand in hand with your sleep cycle. Your nighttime routine should, therefore, focus on rejuvenation and repair. We are not fans of complicated routines. We are women like you who juggle things and we understand when you say that you are stressed out with no time. Here’s a simple regime, and stick to it. 

Morning: Cleanse with a gentle face wash. Sometimes just with water. Listen to your skin. It tells you far more than you think. Follow cleansing with moisturising. We usually love layering up with a lightweight face oil that forms a protective lipid barrier and packs in a punch of nutrition and then on top of that, an antioxidant-rich moisturiser to protect from the effects of external stressors such as sun exposure, pollution etc. Don’t forget your lips. Often they are the areas where the first signs of aging are seen because we tend to ignore them. Again using a lip balm that is antioxidant-rich would be sufficient. ((Active Botanical Face Wash + Rejuvenating Serum(1-2 drops) + Phytonutrient Moisturiser + Antioxidant Lip Balm). Drink lots of water. 

Night: Cleanse again. We love spritzing up with a soothing mist or floral water. We keep our night routine simple and apply just a face oil - Rejuvenating Serum. In winters, our skin tends to like a bit more moisture and it’s always a good idea to apply a layer of moisturiser on top of this. (Active Botanical Face Wash + Rose Mist + Rejuvenating Serum + Antioxidant Lip Balm)

Depending on your skin concerns, you may add targeted treatments such as retinols, spot treatments and more to these. Drink lots of water. 

We also recommend that you mask regularly. We are huge on botanical ubtans - these are simple plant powders that are finely milled from select botanical parts without adding any preservatives. See our Wild Glow Masking Kit - a set of seven botanical ubtans with an essence of five ayurvedic flowers. 

Listen to What Your Skin is Telling You! More often than not, our skin is a mirror to what’s going on inside. You may be able to heal the skin from outside but it is always important to read the signs and not ignore them. Almost all forms of acne are hormonal. Even your dry skin could be because of hormones. We tend to have drier skin as we age. The darkness around your lips could be because of Vitamin B 12 deficiency. If your skin isn’t healing as fast as it used to, then perhaps it’s wise to get your nutritional gaps and deficiencies checked.

Understand that it's all interlinked! At Daughter Earth, we would never tell you to simply slather your face with skincare and forget about your body, even your mind. Everything is interlinked. If your mind is at ease, without stress, your skin and other bodily functions are at their best. We’d like you to treat your body as a temple, you need to live in it the whole life and so is the case with your skin. Take care of it by not putting junk in it. Be very conscious of what you put both inside and on the body. Mental health and mental peace are very important. Giving some time to meditation can be life-changing. After all, the purpose of life is to live and to live happily. Everything else is simply noise.