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Treat dark spots and aging with this wonder ingredient from Ayurveda

Lush green grass with flowers and pleasant breeze? Yes, we love them too. In that case, you might have already seen Vetiver, without probably noticing it. Vetiver is amazing for your skin as it removes dark spots and helps you get a smoother, younger-looking skin. Sounds like something you've been looking for? Read on... Vetiveria Zizanioides or simply Vetiver, grows upto 150 cm with beautiful purple flowers and a mesmerizing fragrance that is deep, shadowed, astringent, earthy like newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody, and is also a treasure of numerous skincare and healthcare benefits. Old Tamil literature mentions the use of Vetiver for medicinal purposes. Vetiveria is known as khus in a native Indian language. Garlands of Vetiveria grass are used...

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