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Treat dark spots and aging with this wonder ingredient from Ayurveda

Lush green grass with flowers and pleasant breeze? Yes, we love them too. In that case, you might have already seen Vetiver, without probably noticing it. Vetiver is amazing for your skin as it removes dark spots and helps you get a smoother, younger-looking skin. Sounds like something you've been looking for? Read on...

Vetiveria Zizanioides or simply Vetiver, grows upto 150 cm with beautiful purple flowers and a mesmerizing fragrance that is deep, shadowed, astringent, earthy like newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody, and is also a treasure of numerous skincare and healthcare benefits. Old Tamil literature mentions the use of Vetiver for medicinal purposes. Vetiveria is known as khus in a native Indian language. Garlands of Vetiveria grass are used to adorn the Lord Shiva idol in Hindu temples. Vetiveria is versatile grass with advantages from skincare to environmental requirements.

Let’s have a look at some wonderful properties of Vetiveria

Vetiver Skincare Benefits

Many of us face acne problems on regular basis but the difficult part comes afterward with dark spots left behind by acne pimples. These dark spots are difficult to get rid of. Vetiver not only reduces the dark spots but also evens the skin tone and tightens the skin.

Some more benefits of Vetiver for your skin are:

  • Reduces dark spots - Vetiveria root extract helps in reducing and lightening the stubborn dark spots as well as evens the skin tone.
  • Antiseptic properties – Vetiveria root extract has an antiseptic and antimicrobial property that helps in getting rid of acne and pimples. It clears the skin, giving it a fresh and rejuvenated look.
  • Get younger looking skin - Vetiveria plays a major role in reducing wrinkles and blemishes, it helps in getting tightened and firm skin giving a youthful look.
  • Moisturizes your skin - The Vetiveria extract oil is nourishing and hydrating which helps in soothing your skin from dryness, rashes, flakiness etc.
  • Skin protector - The root extract is loaded with antioxidants that help our skin fight signs of aging. It shields our skin from various environmental stressors.
  • Effect on melanogenesis in melanoma cells- Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops from pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes. It generally occurs on the skin but may rarely occur in mouth, intestines etc. According to National Centre for Biotechnology Information, essential oil from Vetiveria zizanioides has potential to treat melanogenesis in melanoma cells. (melanogenesis can be referred as pigmentation leading to melanoma)

Health benefits of Vetiveria -

There are numerous health benefits of Vetiver. These medicinal properties have been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Let us have a look at the health benefits:

  • Blood purifier – It is a good source for blood purification as it helps to reduce extra water and toxins from the blood.
  • Gastrointestinal tract guardian – It aids in managing acid production and gastric secretions, strengthens the stomach. It is also helpful in curing digestive problems like indigestion, appetite, and acidity.
  • Effective for respiratory disorders – Vetiveria is very useful in treating respiratory disorders like asthma, hiccups, and cough.
  • Nervous relaxant – It calms and strengthens the brain and nerves hence it is very helpful in problems like vertigo, anxiety, stress etc.
  • Maintains reproductive health - Vetiveria helps in maintaining regular menstruation, fertility, and good reproductive health.

Vetiver  in Ayurveda

Medicinal properties of Vetiveria zizanioides dates back to ancient ayurveda medicine system. AccorAyurvedaayurveda, Vetiveria reduces body heat, calms body and mind, helps with anxiety, treats digestive ailments, purifies blood and treats various skin disorders.

Try Vetiver in Skincare!

Vetiveria also has a lovely fragrance that gives you a refreshing feel. To get benefits of these wonderful Vetiveria properties, try our Active Botanical Face Wash.