Hair Serum Magic: 5 Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind!

The secret to long, shiny, luscious hair is a good diet and the right hair care products. Hair elixir is one such elixir that not only adds that extra shine to your hair but is also a highly versatile product that works as a detangler, frizz reducer and heat protectant. Daily hair styling, heat products and chemicals make hair frizzy, dull and lifeless. A few drops of the elixir and the hair becomes shiny, healthy and full of life.

Understanding Hair Elixirs

Hair elixir is one of the most basic hair products that people use regardless of their hair type, length or colour. It consists of light oils that can be applied after shampooing on damp hair to lock in moisture and give the hair a nice shine and bounce. Organic hair elixirs often use a mix of natural plant and flower oils, avoiding harmful chemicals like sulphates, silicon or fragrance. 

The main difference between a regular oil and a hair elixir is that a hair elixir is much more lightweight, readily absorbent and non-greasy. It makes the hair look fresh and not weighed down by the greasy heaviness commonly seen with regular oil. This is also the reason why hair elixirs are made to be applied after shampoo, before or after styling the hair.  

Top 5 Benefits of Using Hair Elixirs

There are a host of hair elixir advantages that we can list here, but here are the top 5 benefits of using hair elixir that surely will convince you to add this magical hair product to your hair care routine. 

  1. Detangles in Seconds

The main usage of any hair elixir is to detangle hair that might have gotten tangled in the shower or after a long day outdoors. Trying to comb through tangled hair is a sure-shot way of increasing hair fall through unnecessary stress and tension. Using a hair elixir before detangling the hair smoothens the hair cuticles, allowing the comb to slide through the hair much more easily, reducing stress-induced breakage and hair fall. You also save a lot of time since the hair gets detangled in seconds.

  1. Defines Curls and Increases Straightness

Applying a few drops of hair elixir on damp hair helps define beautiful curls and increase the straightness of naturally straight hair. It is a great hair styling product that ensures your envisioned hairstyle is executed like an expert. 

  1. Reduces Frizz

One of the biggest hair elixir advantages is the massive reduction in frizz that is observed the moment a few drops of the hair elixir are applied to damp hair. Living in humid cities or seasons like monsoons, when the humidity levels in the air are at their peak, can lead to unmanageable frizz that can make the hair look like a dull nest. The smoothing properties of hair elixir help seal the outermost layers of the hair, locking in moisture, which reduces frizz and makes the strands silky smooth.

  1. Acts as Heat Protectant

If you like to style your hair with different curlers, dryers and other heating devices, apply hair elixir for heat protection to safeguard the delicate hair strands from extreme temperatures. A few drops of hair elixir on damp hair right before styling protects hair from harmful heat damage. You can even apply the elixir post-styling to tame flyaways and combat heat resultant frizz. 

  1. Makes Hair Shiny

Hair elixirs provide instant parlour-treated shine at home in just a few minutes. The oils in the elixir coat the hair shafts to make them look light and shiny as the light gets reflected on the hair. The hair looks and feels healthy and smooth without looking greasy or heavy with a hair elixir. 

Enrich Your Hair with the Right Elixir from Daughter Earth

A hair elixir is an all-in-one hair care product that helps protect, smoothen and empower your luscious locks. When a heat protectant hair elixir contains organic products like Brahmi, Triphala, Onion, Vitamin E oil and much more, it not only helps style the hair but makes it healthier from the inside out. The Fifty Botanicals Hair Elixir by Daughter Earth is your versatile hair oil/elixir that can be used before or after shampooing the hair to make it shiny, silky and gorgeous. The benefits of using hair elixir from Daughter Earth are that it is vegan, contains ayurvedic ingredients, and is 100% natural without any harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrances or colourants.

If you want one hair care product that will support your happy hair journey through thick and thin, it is a hair elixir. Good for you and Earth, Daughter Earth provides a range of organic hair care products that promote healthy, happy hair that looks as nourished as it feels. Switch your hair care regime to incorporate the goodness of all-natural ayurvedic products and witness the positive change in your luscious hair in weeks!