Wedding Season Alert: Your Skin Will Thank You Later!

A wedding is like a big, fat festival! It is filled with preparations, guest lists, food tastings, decorations, getting outfits and a lot more. In all the rush, the ladies of the house, including the bride, often forget that their outfit is not the only thing that needs to glow and shine. Their skin needs their attention, too. Skincare during wedding seasons can be overwhelming as you might not have track of time while doing the wedding chores. 

Having a good skincare routine before the wedding is important to get that glow and radiance on D-day. Most importantly, you should be aware of what products you are using in your wedding glow skincare regime to avoid any side effects. 

Start with a Good Diet

The old saying stands very true: what you eat and drink shows on your skin. Thus, you must stick to a balanced diet for a few weeks prior to the wedding. To reduce acne, health problems, and other problems, eat more fruits and green vegetables while reducing your intake of sugar and frozen foods. 

On the other hand, to have glowing skin, you should drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water per day. In addition to keeping your body hydrated, this will additionally give you soft and moisturised skin. One of the bridal skin care tips for glowing skin is to reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, which can cause your skin to appear tired and become dehydrated.

Follow the CTM Routine

In between the regular trips to outfit trails, decorations, gift shopping, etc., your face might lose its charm and look tired and dull. Following the simplest yet effective CTM routine can make you look fresh again.

The essential components of every skincare regimen are Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising (CTM). The CTM regimen not only keeps your face clear, clog-free, and hydrated, but it also helps to reduce tension on the skin and ward off the likelihood of awful pimples. 

Use a gentle cleanser that is formulated with all-natural components to wash your face every day to prevent skin problems. 

Use a moisturising toner next to remove all the debris and toxins that have clogged your skin's pores and reveal fresh, smooth skin. 

The final stage is to hydrate. A plant-based, toxin-free moisturiser will provide nourishment while keeping your skin supple and helping to seal in the hydration.

You can enhance your skin care routine before wedding by adding skin-brightening and nourishing serums to your regime. Just after toning your skin, adding a few drops of serum can hydrate, brighten and give you smooth skin. Serums have a well-studied formula that can reduce dark spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone and texture, giving you hydrated and youthful skin.

Healthy Sleep

Getting adequate rest is one pre-wedding skincare ritual that the entire bridal party stands by. Beauty sleep does amazing things for the skin since it is the time when a number of hormones, particularly melatonin, cortisol and human development hormones, are generated. 

These hormones are necessary for regeneration since they restore regular skin damage, keep the skin looking young, and protect the skin against free radicals that may harm cells over time. The simplest and best thing to the wellspring of youth with regard to beauty regimens is sleep. 

Also, you definitely don't want to deal with those dark eye bags on the big day. Adding a nourishing under-eye serum to your beauty sleep will only enhance your beauty regimen and help you avoid and reduce under-eye bags and puffiness. 

Face Masks and Exfoliation

With the increase in pollution, we require a mask—not only a simple face-covering cotton mask but also a mask that effectively cleanses the dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads that have accumulated on our faces. A plant-based, nutrient-rich, nourishing facial mask refreshes the face and draws out impurities to give it a dewy sheen.

Always remember to exfoliate any time you notice your skin appears slightly dull. The best way to get rid of those dead skin cells and nourish your skin is to exfoliate on the weekends. It's preferable to use a gel- or cream-based exfoliating cleanser with AHA and BHA for this because they are moisturising and won't strip away any natural oils. In order to keep your skin looking supple and smooth, exfoliating is essential. 

Remember the Sun Protection

SPF is essential whether attending an outdoor summer wedding or a beautiful winter setting. UV rays are the main contributory factor to the majority of skincare concerns. A good-quality sunscreen has been regarded as one of the best skin care products for brides and their bridal party for weddings. 

Always choose sunscreens with SPF values greater than 30 to 50 and PA index PA++ to PA++++ when looking for good sunscreens because they offer greater protection from UV rays. Also, remember that you must reapply it once every 2 hours. It is a great decision for your skin because the harm done by the UV radiation might be irreversible. 

Do not Forget Hair Care

Like you pamper your skin with nourishing skin products, your hair deserves some pampering, too! Your hair may become dull and brittle due to stress and pollution. This is when a nice scalp massage using an elixir rich in Ayurveda can be beneficial. It is a soothing therapy that can assist in restoring the lustre and health of your hair. 

Your hair undergoes a lot of chemical, heat, and style treatments. Therefore, it needs a lot of nourishment. Get yourself a sulphate and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner that contains plant-based elements that bring shine to your hair without any harmful chemicals. 

Remember to incorporate a good hair care regime into your pre-wedding self-care routines! 

Daughter Earth, Your Wedding Best Friend

The wedding season is a time of rush and can be heavy on your skin. Under all the shopping and the functions, you might forget to take care of your skin. Following a good diet and skincare regime with consistency can help you have the perfect glow on the wedding day. With a vision to create the best, environment-friendly with the essence of nature, Daughter Earth has not only created the natural, best skincare products for brides and their bridal party but also created a special beauty kit that includes all the essential products that you would need before D-day.