Banish Hairfall Now with These Jaw-Dropping Tricks!

Do the falling locks of hair stress you out? Are you tired of seeing your hair going down the drain? Yes, hair loss can be a challenging issue, but don't worry! Let us analyse natural techniques to protect your mane. Find the keys to gorgeous hair, and you will feel more confident. Explore the vital tips to hair fall control that promise you a beautiful, effortless journey to healthier, stronger hair in a breeze!

Understanding Hair Fall

Let us understand the fundamentals to solve the universal issue of hair fall. Hair goes through a constant growth cycle, going through three different phases: 

Anagen (growth) Catagen (transitional) Telogen (resting)

Most of the time, a good portion of our hair is always actively growing in the anagen phase.

However, a number of events may interrupt this cycle naturally, causing hair loss. Stress, a poor diet, heredity, and other lifestyle factors play important contributions. Hormonal imbalances brought on by stress have an impact on hair follicles. Lack of key nutrients robs the hair of growth-promoting nutrients. Some people are more prone to hair loss due to genetics, an uncontrollable cause.

In order to effectively cure your hair loss, it is essential to identify the underlying cause. Taking care of this cause can help your hair become healthier and stronger.

Hair Fall Control Tips

Many natural tips can work wonders for your precious hair. Some actionable tips to control hair fall naturally and promote growth are as follows:

  1. Scalp Care: It is essential to keep our scalp healthy, clean and well-hydrated. Use natural oils to gently massage your hair to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.
  2. Diet: A healthy diet is very important for hair health. Vitamins such as A, C, and E, and minerals such as iron and zinc are important for our hair as they nourish hair follicles, boosting growth and decreasing hair fall.
  3. Heat Styling Avoidance: Air dry your hair or opt for the lowest heat of a hair dryer as excessive heat styling makes your hair frizzy and easily breakable.
  4. Toxin-Free Products: It is wise to select organic and toxin-free hair care products as they can be very gentle on your scalp and hair, reducing hair fall or irritation. Specific labels on products like ‘sulphate-free’ and ‘paraben-free’ are considered good.
  5. Stress Management: Stress is a very harmful enemy of your hair health. High levels of stress cause the hair growth cycle to be disrupted, which causes excessive hair fall. Manage stress, engage in stress-relieving activities like yoga, deep breathing exercises, or meditation.

Remember: Consistency and patience are crucial for achieving healthier and more resilient hair.

Nourishing Solutions for Gorgeous Hair: DIY Hair Masks

Homemade hair masks can also play a big role in restoring the vitality, resilience, and gleam of your mane. These DIYs are affordable, employing things you already have at your home.

  1. Avocado and Olive Oil Mask:

Vitamin and mineral-rich foods like avocados help to strengthen and encourage the growth of hair follicles. Olive oil gives moisture and gloss to dull and dry hair.


  • Chop 1/2 avocado (ripe) into chunks and add it to the blender
  • Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and blend to get a smooth paste
  • Apply this mixture onto damp hair, especially on the ends and roots
  • Rinse thoroughly after leaving it on for 20-30 minutes or so
  • Shampoo and condition if you wish to
  1. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Mask:

Aloe vera relieves dandruff, calms the scalp, and encourages hair growth. Natural conditioners like coconut oil can stop breakage and give shine.


  • Take 2-3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (either fresh or store-bought).
  • Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 
  • Warm the coconut oil and mix it with the gel to get a smooth paste.
  • Massage this mixture carefully onto your hair and scalp.
  • Use a shower cap to cover hair completely to prevent dust from settling on your head.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water after leaving it for half an hour.
  • You can use shampoo as usual.
  1. Yoghurt and Honey Mask:

Lactic acid and the high amount of protein in yoghurt help to strengthen hair and minimise dandruff. Natural humectants like honey keep moisture in and give shine.


  • Take 12 a cup of plain yoghurt
  • Take 2 tablespoons of good-quality honey
  • Stir the mixture smooth
  • Apply the mixture to damp hair evenly
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after leaving it on for 20-30 minutes.
  • You can use shampoo as usual.

Use these DIY hair masks once a week or more according to your specific needs and improvements in overall hair health.

The Power of Herbal Remedies

Natural remedies to stop hair loss have always been accessible to us. The three most prominent herbal heroes are listed here. Since ancient times, people have valued these natural ingredients for their capacity to nourish hair and encourage growth.

Herbal Remedies:

Their Benefits

How Do They Work?

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Strengthens hair follicles

Reduces hair fall

Prevents premature greying

Stimulates scalp blood circulation

Antioxidants combat free radicals

Boosts collagen production


Reduces hair fall

Fights dandruff

Promotes hair growth

Increases blood circulation to the scalp

Strengthens hair shaft

Balances scalp pH

Fenugreek (Methi)

Prevents hair loss

Combats dandruff

Promotes hair growth

Rich in proteins that strengthen hair

Contains lecithin for hydration

Soothes the scalp

Amla, hibiscus, and fenugreek can be incorporated into hair care regimens, including oil infusions, hair masks, natural shampoos, and conditioners to encourage stronger, healthier hair and stop hair loss.

The Power of Vegan Hair Fall Control By Daughter Earth

Daughter Earth is a cruelty-free, vegan-certified brand that supports healthier and more environmentally friendly hair care. The products are botanically formulated to control hair fall naturally. The absence of parabens, sulphates, colourants, and gluten in all Daughter Earth products guarantees that your hair receives only the purest, most nutritious treatment.

Product Name


Purple Rice + Quinoa The Shampoo

Sulphate-free, gentle cleansing

Relies on coconut-based surfactants for efficient impurity removal

Effectively cleanses without stripping natural oils

Purple Rice + Quinoa The Conditioner

Deep moisturisation without silicones

Silicone-free to allow hair to breathe and prevent weighing it down

Restores healthy shine and hydration using different botanical butters and extracts

Fifty Botanicals Hair Elixir

Intensive treatment with 50+ Ayurvedic botanicals

Provides a smooth, shiny, and anti-frizz finish

Strengthens hair at its roots, reducing breakage and hair fall

Delivers plant and flower oils for deep penetration and hydration

By using their goodness, you reject animal testing and also help to keep the environment cleaner. They provide a comprehensive solution for stronger, healthier hair by fusing the goodness of nature with modern research. Say hello to luscious locks and no hair clinging to your combs!