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AHA Magic: Transform Your Skin with Daughter Earth!

Skincare is an ever-evolving subject where trends come and go. AHA has earned unwavering prominence lately. These powerful compounds are transforming skin by improving its texture and appearance, making them a must-have in modern skincare regimens. Daughter Earth offers AHA-based skincare products infused with vegan goodness, catering to diverse skin types and establishing a reputation for transformative AHA magic. Let us explore the wonders AHA can do to our skin, delivering solutions that actually resonate! Understanding AHA for Skin Transformation The full form of AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These are a group of acids that appear naturally in certain food items, such as milk, fruits, and sugar cane. AHAs are used in skin care as exfoliants to remove dead...

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How to Pick the Right Sunscreen: You Won't Believe What You've Been Missing!

People always worry about their looks, men and women alike. Out of the vast range of skin products people use, sunscreen is the most overlooked category. Very few know that sunscreen is more important than any other skin product. Dermatologists say that UV rays of the Sun are the root cause of 90% of skin cancers, and surprisingly, they also speed up skin aging. To give your skin the gift of ultimate protection, opt for sunscreens and wear them, whether indoors or outdoors. Choose makeup and skincare, which are rich in antioxidants to help fight free radical damage. But wait! Choosing the best sunscreen for the face and body involves more than just SPF numbers. This article explores the essential...

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Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes for Immunity Boost

Presenting our first Ebook – Daughter Earth’s 17 Quick and Easy Immunity Boosting Recipes – a compilation of expert-approved Ayurvedic gut-friendly recipes. Specifically designed to be prepared in a jiffy with commonly found local ingredients to take off some of your burden due to the current lockdown. Hope you enjoy them. DOWNLOAD EBOOK HERE download will start in a few seconds... The ‘gut feeling’ that refers to a strong intuition is not merely a phase. A clear gut is like a passport to stress-free living as your mind and body are always in sync. On the external side, if your gut is clear, your body will feel lighter and your skin will glow; the genesis of what we call as...

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